Multi-award winning
pond filtration systems

The Nexus 320+ and Nexus 220+ filtration systems deliver improved levels of clarity for ponds dramatically. Building on the success of the award-winning Nexus, this new generation of filters cleverly combines mechanical and biological filtration into one advanced filter system. It is incredibly easy to clean and simple to install.


The Nexus 220+ and Nexus 320+ feature a re-designed Eazy filter which utilizes the all-new K1 Micro Filter Media in a static bed to deliver improved levels of mechanical filtration. The Nexus+ filter system is also fitted with the K+ Media in a moving bed to deliver outstanding levels of biological filtration. Together, this combination of filter media can deliver crystal clear water with healthy levels.  The Nexus320+ and Nexus220+ filters now come with a new filter media called K+Media in the moving bed outer chamber for vastly improved biological filtration and faster filter maturation. The new Nexus+ filters are also supplied “auto ready”, with factory fitted fixings already in place, making it even easier to upgrade to the Nexus Automatic Cleaning System.

Products Available:

  • Nexus 220+ #NEXEAZ220
  • Nexus 320+ #NEXEAZ320
Up to 4,800 Us Gals
Up to 9,000 Us Gals
Workflow Chart

How the Nexus Works

Water from the pond enters the nexus via the inlet into the inner chamber which works as a vortex, allowing larger solids to settle out. Water then passes through the grills in the stainless steel “Eazy” filter, where the finer particles are removed by the static bed K1 Micro® filter media. The clean water then passes to the outside chamber of the Nexus for biological treatment before returning to the pond. At this stage, biological breakdown occurs through different strains of bacteria and filter feeders living on the protected surface area of each K1+ Media filer. The bacteria convert Ammonia and Nitrite into less harmful Nitrate. Water then passes through the exit grill into the outlet and returns to the pond.

Installing the Nexus+

The Nexus MUST be installed on a solid, level base, a minimum of 40” x 48”. Failure to do this will cause irreparable damage to the filter and will therefore invalidate your warranty.


By this we mean that your pump is going to be used to return the filtered water to the pond and therefore your filter will be supplied by gravity via a larger diameter pipe. In this situation the water level in the filter will be at the same level as the pond.

Nexus - Gravity Fed Instal


By this we mean that if your pump is going to be used to supply the water to the filter, and the filtered water then returns back into your pond via gravity, i.e. down a waterfall, or through a large diameter pipe, this is referred to as PUMP FED (i.e. the water is fed to the filter using a pump).

Nexus Gravity Fed Install


Improved Mechanical Filtration

The new design of the Eazy enables the Nexus to capture solids more effectively than before. K1 Micro is used inside the re-designed Eazy helping to deliver improved capture of fine particles, delivering unrivalled mechanical filtration.

Improved Flow

The new Eazy features an improved pattern of slots within the stainless steel body which improves the efficiency during the filtration process. Water can pass through the Eazy form all directions. Combined with the use of K1 Micro, it ensures improved flow rates through the entire mechanical filter stage.

Dramatically Improved Clarity

The Nexus 320+ and 220+ filter systems use two types of filter media to deliver optimum levels of clarity in your pond. K1 Micro is used in the Eazy to improve mechanical filtration while the tried and tested K1 Media is used in the moving bed outer chamber, delivering the biological filtration.

Easy To Clean And Maintain

The key benefit of all Nexus filtration systems is that they are easy to maintain. Like the Nexus 220 and 320 systems, the Eazy can be simply cleaned by using a combination of cleaning pipe, air valves and ball valves that are fitted to the Nexus without getting your hands dirty. The clear lid that is fitted on the Eazy allows visibility into K1 Micro media.

Better Solids Handling

Within the mechanical stage of the Nexus, solid waste is captured. This area can be cleaned more efficiently than before which ensures the filter does not clog up with large chunks of waste.

Removable Eazy

All Eazy filters used in the Nexus 320+ / 220+ series can be removed if needed with the K1 Micro in place. This added feature is ideal when undertaking further maintenance.

Flow Rates

One of the most significant improvements to your pond is the turn-over rate of the filtered water. This simply means that the total volume of water passing through the filter system into your pond can be improved drastically, cutting down the filtration rate to 3 hours or less.

Eazy Nexus 220-320
Eazy Waste Removal
Eazy Removal


Flow Rate
Volume of
water in nexus
Amount of
K1+ Media supplied
in EAZY Filter
Amount of
K1+ Media supplied
in Bio Chamber
Max. capacity
for K1+ Media
4,800 US Gallons2,640 US Gallons/hr135 US Gallons18 Litres
of K1 Micro
inside tde EAZY
50 Litres
of K1+ Media
in Bio Chamber
150 Litres
of K1+ Media
in Bio Chamber
9,000 US Gallons3,431 US Gallons/hr222 US Gallons20 Litres
of K1 Micro
inside tde EAZY
100 Litres
of K1+ Media
in Bio Chamber
300 Litres
of K1+ Media
in Bio Chamber