Ultraviolet Clarifiers for ponds:

  • Eradicates green water in garden ponds
  • Features highly efficient ballasts
  • IP Rating of IPX5
  • Easy to maintain, easy to install
  • Ballast located in a fully water-tight cover
  • Connects to flexi-hose or rigid pipework

Products Available:

  • EVO 15W UV #UV15CE
  • EVO 25W UV #UV25CE
  • EVO 30W UV #UV30CE
  • EVO 55W UV #UV55CE
  • EVO 110W UV #UV110CE

How the evoUV Works

The evoUV range of clarifiers have been designed to clear green water which is caused by single celled green algae and prevent it from returning. They will work alongside many different filtration systems but when used alongside Evolution Aqua’s pond filtration systems, the evoUV will help to deliver crystal clear and healthy pond water.

Your evoUV professional quality UV can be connected to your pond pump and filter with flexible hose using the stepped hosetails provided, or you can install the unit using hard pipe.

Installing the EvoUV


Install evoUV before the filter on the pipework run from the pond


Install evoUV after the filter on the return to pond pipework run.


ModelMax. pond sizeMax. flow rateBulb powerInlet / OutletFittings suppliedDimensions
evo 15 logo4,000 US Gallons2,000 US Gallons/hr15W (1 x 15W T8)1½"2 x 1½" Threaded Hosetails20.9" length x 6.6" high x 3.5" deep
evo 25 logo5,300 US Gallons2,600 US Gallons/hr25W (1 x 25W T8)1½"2 x 1½" Threaded Hosetails22.8" length x 6.6" high x 3.5" deep
evo 30 logo7,900 US Gallons4,000 US Gallons/hr30W (1 x 30W T8)1½"2 x 1½" Threaded Hosetails38.6" length x 6.6" high x 3.5" deep
evo 55 logo14,000 US Gallons5,000 US Gallons/hr55W (1 X 55W T81½"2 x 1½" Threaded Hosetails38.6" length x 6.6" high x 3.5" deep
evo 110 logo19,500 US Gallons6,000 US Gallons/hr110W (2 X 55W T8)2"No Fittings Supplied41.5" length x 9" high x 6.3" deep